Amazon Ebs Provisioned Iops and Ebs Connected Instances

Amazon just blew my mind (again!) with dedicated IOPS EBS volumes and instances with dedicated connectivity to the EBS network.

The announcement is on their blog, here

This is awesome news! So this basically just replaces the IOs (you pay for IOs or dedicated IOPS now). It doesn’t matter the size of the volume it’s $.10 per 1 IOPS/month At first this didn’t seem reasonable, but now I see 1TB w/1k IOPS is less IOPS than 10x100GB each with 1k/IOPS.

It looks like the change in price is around 35 IOPS where it’s then cheaper to pay for 100 IOPS/month dedicated instead of the actual IO.?

Here is my google spreadsheet with the pricing breakdown.